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Best Massage Chair 2018 – Top 6 Reviews and buyer’s guide

Do you know what to consider when choosing the best massage chair 2018? Everyone wants to relax after a hard long day. This is the reason why massage chairs are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.  The presence of massage chairs is out of the question. So what are the top factors, that you have to consider to grab your best massage chair?

best massage chair 2018

Before we take you through the best massage chair 2018 on the market, let us clear some things. The human body is where you are living right now and it needs to get a rest.
The best and most scientifically proven way to do it is by having massage therapy. Doing massage on a daily basis will not only relief body pain and makes you relax.

it will also help to decrease the stress and Anxiety, blood will flow more and easily in more veins (small ones) reducing blood pressure.
Most people will be comfortable doing it with a massage therapist. But time plays a big role in our lives, we don’t all have it to hire a professional massager.

With that being said, Calling a therapist is not the only choice we have. One of the best other choices is having a massage chair at home.

When you first think of buying it, you will face many choices and different prices.Due to our knowledge of technology and health improvement that is why we created top 7 best massage chair list.

To help you find which one suits your needs more.
updated: August 2017 list of best massage chairs 2018.

Chair NameWeightFull bodyPrice
Osaki OS-4000
255 LBSYES Latest Price On Amazon
101 LBSYES Latest Price On Amazon
200 poundsYES Latest Price On Amazon
kahuna LM 6800
200 LBSYES Latest Price On Amazon
I-Joy-2580 Premium
88 LBSNO Latest Price On Amazon
Inada Sogno
328 LBSYES Latest Price On Amazon

How to Choose the Best Massage Chair in 2018

The Size

Best Massage chair 2018 can promote better health by reducing stress levels and to do that, the massage chair that you will be buying should be the right size for you.

Most massage chairs come in a standard size for a person who has a height of about 5’10’’. If your height is significantly lower or higher than this figure, then it is highly advisable to request for a massage chair test-drive to ensure that it will fit you better.

The height of the massage chair seat should be considered because taller people find it difficult to adjust to a lower chair seat. These people are those who are usually six feet or taller.

Massage Chair Design and Features

There are different types of massage chair design that you can choose from. You can choose from a simple massage chair to a more complex reclining one, with the multi-feature unit.

Depending on the type of massage chair you want to have, the way you control it is usually integrated into the armrest otherwise some companies include a remote control.

The Control panel of best massage chair 2018located in the armrest allows you to control the type of massage program that you want to have. What you can control in general is the speed of massage, the area and the duration or length of time.

You can also configure the temperature adjustment in the control panel. When buying a massage chair, make sure you have these important features available.

Know the Massage Chair Mechanics

It is important to understand first the mechanics of the massage chair before buying it. The standard type of massage chair will include massage types such as kneading, rolling, vibrating, stretching. And compressing action around tense muscles of your back, neck, shoulders, lower back and other parts of your upper body.

Look for Specialized Massage Chairs

Be aware that there are specific types of massage chairs that can focus on your calves and feet. Make sure that you aim for this type of massage chair.

These units are built-in in the particular massage chair, or you can choose to buy a retractable foot and calves massage.

best Massage Chair 2018 Price

Buying a massage chair is an investment so make sure you are better prepared for this. The usual price for a massage chair ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.

  If you are short in budget, you may opt to purchase a portable massage chair for a lower price or you can choose to avail to an exclusive sale for a price of $1500 to $2000.

1. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity – Best Massage Chair 2018

best massage chair with zero gravity in 2018

In our top list is the Osaki zero gravity massage chair, no wonder some people get the wrong idea about zero gravity.

It means in simple words, the position a massage chair with zero gravity takes is the similar position that astronauts take when they fly off the earth.
This feature helps to divide the weight of the body in all over the chair. Which helps the user or the patient to reduce the pressure on the spine which creates a feeling of ultimate relaxation without feeling the gravity holding you down.

This best massage chair 2018 is specifically designed with a group of S track movable intelligent massage robots.

This feature delivers special attention towards the body areas like shoulders and neck. In addition, it delivers a lumbar massage according to the specific curve of your body. It has the potential to detect the entire body curve automatically through micro adjustments.

Moreover, the massage chair can be used to massage a person into six different styles including combo, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, Kneading and Rolling.

This massage chair has also enhanced the massaging options of the therapist. In other words, a manual massaging system is available for the full body, upper body, fixed and partial options. 
In some cases, for those who have a back pain and spinal problems, it might help reduce the pain and the alignment of the spine as the company says. Osaki massage chair design is remarkable due to the perfect shape to match the lumbar area.
The Very interesting feature is included, the body type scan which will deliver the best Massage to the user needs. The airbag technology that helps to get as close as a human touch, the company made a very great trick on reducing the airbags. However, at the same time increasing the effectiveness of massage therapy

Important General Information

Chair Weight Color Voltage Auto Timer
255 Lbs Black & Beige 110-120V [ 5 to 30 ] Min
The chair is perfect for those seeking to get a relief from a long day of work and especially those who suffer from back pain and muscle stress.

2. RELAXON CHAIR MK-II Plus – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair 2018

best massage chairs for 2018

No doubt that we face many different choices when we try to buy best massage chair 2018 with zero gravity feature, one of the top rated is the Relaxonchair.

Auto body scan, heating pads & full body massage. You may find the foot massage a bit not comfortable as it’s not that soft. But you can use extra socks to avoid that feeling.

The RELAX-ON chair company is well known for the high-quality materials used in fabricating massage chairs. This one is redesigned for more comfort and features

. The maximum weight recommended for the user is 150kg ( almost 350 pounds).

The heating pads are best for the lower back healing and those who suffer from back pain, the user is able to choose from 3 intensity speed with 4 different programs installed in the massage chair. Furthermore is a sensor that detects which place in your body needs more massage to relax the maximum.

General Information

Chair Weight Color Full Body Remote controller
101 Lbs Black & Chocolate Yes Yes

The perfect chair with zero gravity option and very great in price compared to the other higher in price massage chairs.

3. ideal massage Shiatsu – full gody massage chair 2018

Massage chairs ideal

The shiatsu massage chair is very affordable, for those seeking basic features such as full body massage with zero gravity.

It comes from Ideal massage company which is top rated with hugely positive reviews with more than 90% positively satisfied customers.

The overall quality is good, the high-quality materials used are imported from China but they assemble the massage chairs on their business site in California.

it comes in 3 different colors you can choose from. In addition, a feature most likely can’t be found in chairs with similar price. The automatic body scan that recognizes your weak points in your body so it can choose the right massage program for the right position that will make you feel better and relaxed. Also 3 different zero gravity massage options.

In general, it’s ideal for basic massage therapy and those who are low on budget.

What you need to know about this Massage chair

Weight Full Body Colors Zero gravity
200 pounds Yes Dark brown, Black and Beige Yes

Best massage chair 2018 with basic options

No doubt that this chair is a great choice and most buyer’s on amazon especially those who are low in budget are choosing this option. 

4. kahuna recliner LM 6800 – Zero Gravity & Full Body Massage Chair

Kahuna LM 6800 2018 massage chair

Next up is a well-known chair with its unique rollers that starts from the top of your bid to your hamstrings. The company established almost 20 years ago with a good amount of positive feedback from online customers.

The only weak point is the warranty which is only 3 year. 2 different zero gravity programmed in it with only 5 inches from the wall to be possible, one is the best position anyone could have and that’s when your feet are above a bit of your heart.

We can’t deny a that a good massage chair needs an automatic massage program.

This one has it for sure with 4 different ones to choose from, the most liked by users is the yoga option as it feels great from up to bottom. Furthermore, this chair is a real competitor to massage chairs that cost more than $3000 due to its features.  

Kahuna Massage chair General info

Weight Full Body Color Chair’s Dimensions
200 LBS Yes Brown 46 x 48 x 31 inches


5. I-Joy-2580 Premium – Best 2018 Budget-Friendly Massage Chair

best in budget massage chair 2018

The human touch company created this massage chair (model 2580) with the very low price compared to other chairs. It’s budget friendly for sure, with many great features similar to the big priced massage chairs.It comes with 3 different massage therapy programs included in the system. All three programs designed to relieve the upper body part. Back, lumbar (lower back) shoulder & neck.

The recline position of this best massage chair 2018 will help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Different intensity massage options, One of the best options this chair has is the removable pads. It helps to customize the massage session you’re going to have with your needs, as some will need more pads than others. You control it with your hand using the built-in controller.

It’s budget friendly for sure, with many great features similar to the big priced massage chairs.It comes with 3 different massage therapy programs included in the system. All three programs designed to relieve the upper body part. Back, lumbar (lower back) shoulder & neck.The recline position of this best massage chair 2018 will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Different intensity massage options, One of the best options this chair has is the removable pads. It helps to customize the massage session you’re going to have with your needs, as some will need more pads than others. You control it with your hand using the built-in controller.

It helps to customize the massage session you’re going to have with your needs, as some will need more pads than others. You control it with your hand using the built-in controller.

Best Massage chair 2018 for budget Characteristics

Weight Color Full Body Dimentions
88 pounds Espresso NO 44 x 35 x 40 inches

We added This amazing budget friendly chair for those seeking to have a massage therapy at the lowest cost possible, we try to variate our list so everyone reading our blog post review would be satisfied.

6. Inada Sogno – Most Expensive Massage Chair

best most expensive massage chair for 2018

We wanted to finish our list with the ultimate full massage chair. Hence the most expensive one on the market, Japanese are kings when it comes to manufacturing best massage chair 2018 in the world.

Full of features that anyone with any age needs. has the ability to adjust according to any body type.

In other words, it has the ability to accommodate people with various body heights from 5’ to 6’8”. The side press massage delivered from this massage chair delivers the perfect amount of pressure to your pelvis from both sides.

This is the first massage chair to deliver an effective full arm massage to the users.

Two different air cells have been introduced to this massage chair to deliver an excellent kneading massage to your fingertips, forearms and upper arms. This massage chair delivers an excellent foot massage as well. The automated footbed is equipped with air cells to provide a relaxing massage to your heels

If we speak about the manufacturer of this best massage chair 2018 we would definitely say that they have experienced more than any other. they’ve been creating chairs since 1980. what makes them different is their innovative features. the auto week point detector is the best among others, by knowing exactly which places to hit with massage, 8 optional choices you have.

They also added safety option to avoid children from getting on it as they may get hurt.


Weight Color Auto Program Zero gravity
328 lbs Black YES Yes
Very expensive for some people, but those who tried it said that it was a life changer and even better than the human massage.

History of Massage Chairs

Lately, some of our followers mentioned this video to include here in our article which shows the history of massage chairs check it out:

Back pain problems and how having the best massage chair 2018 make you feel better

Most people who buy a massage chair suffer from back pain problems here is the symptoms you have to be serious about.

You can save yourself loads of snags by paying precise attention to your body. Pain is the body’s warning indication that alerts you to the fact that something is out of place with your body.

Listening or paying attention to those can help you nip a snag in the bud. If you pass through any pain at all, it’s a reason to be grateful. Some individuals have died because they had no pain system. The immediate symptoms of back pain usually include;

• Limited mobility: If you could reach for the old box of pictures up on the cupboard before without wincing in pain and you suddenly can’t, then that means there’s a problem with your back. An immediate symptom that you have back snags is an inability to move freely and without problems the way that you used to.

• Limited flexibility: Bending sideways or being mobile usually can result in terrible pain in your back. The next thing that suffers when you have back snags is your range of flexibility. You’ll potentially end up tottering around like an old lady with rusty bones!

• Affected posture: Your knack to stand upright without some degree of pain follows after you hurt your back. Straightening up maybe a Herculean task for you.

• Muscle ache: Back pain is ordinarily escorted by an ache in the muscles of your back. Now and again, the pain may be a sharp shooting pain that can leave your vision clouded with various colors of pain.

• Numbness: Now and again, back pain can be followed by a sedating of sensation around the back or the legs. This happens in cases where a nerve is involved. Back pain does not succeed in isolation. It comes beside another difficulty that can make life terrible for you.

Regardless of how much you think you are aware as regards Back Pain information like Back Pain Treatment Exercise or even Back Pain Therapy see Ras Reed’s website and be amazed at really essential ideas.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs 2018

Let us be totally honest about the fact of a zero gravity massage chair. At first sight, everyone who hears the word “zero gravity” they think that they will fly off the atmosphere or lose the weight. In reality, it’s totally different. So, what could we possibly know and understand about a zero gravity massage chair?

Zero gravity massage chair

The truth is related more to commercial purpose because the meaning of a zero gravity massage chair is in fact related to the recline position the chair takes. Its actual position mimics the posture astronauts take when they land off to space for a mission as when they try to get off earth the gravity starts to pull them down. So it’s very important to do that position so when the gravity pulls down their bodies will resist the stress. You have to find best massage chair 2018 to get the best possible zero gravity position.

What these zero gravity chairs can deliver is the same recline position where the user can sit on the similar astronaut’s position where the body weight is distributed across the chair. This feature can help those who suffer from different pain, either it’s psychological or physical to relief the stress and allow the body to recover by a deeper massage with the perfect position.

the one important other fact anyone who is willing to buy zero gravity massage chair is that not all zero gravity chairs have the option of massage. Some companies out there offer a chair with recline position where the body weight is divided into all the chair to relax.

When it comes to science that position could help the blood to circulate better in legs reducing swelling and helps the heart to pump easily. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. Protection Status